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November 2017 Newsletter

November Newsletter

November 2017 LWVGGB Newsletter


October 18 6:00 PM Fair Maps Committee Meets City Building, Room 210

November 7 9:30 AM Health Care Committee Meets 825 East River Dr. #31 De Pere

November 7 10:00 AM Achieve Brown Co KI Center Ballroom D

November 9 3:00 PM LWVLMR Annual Meeting/Dinner at Hyatt w/Lynn Utesch speaker

November 13 5:00 PM LWVGGB Board Meets City Building Room 210No

November 13 6:30 PM Migration Advocacy Meets Ken De Groot Hall - St. Willy's

November 19 4:00 PM Education Committee Meets 102 Olde Allouez Ct.

November 20 5:00 PM Title IV Anniversary Program with AAUW andYWCA in YWCA's Baer Rm

November 28 4:00 PM Fair Maps Committee Meets 121 Greene Avenue, Allouez

December 9 10:30 AM LWVGGB Holiday Brunch and Potluck - Kress Library , DePere

January 13 10:30 AM Lively Issues! Save the date! Details TBA.

REMINDER 3:00 PM LWVLMR ANNUAL MEETING, NOVEMBER 9 Social and dinner to follow.


2017 is the 45th anniversary of 1972 Title IX which states, "No person in the United States shall, on the basis of sex, be excluded from participation in, be denied the benefits of, or be subjected to discrimination under any education program or activity receiving Federal financial assistance....."

AAUW, LWVGGB, YWCA, and the Women Service Center were all a part of the first Task Force on implementing Title IX. Therefore a joint celebratory meeting is planned in the YWCA's Baer Room on Monday, November 20. There will be a 5:30 social and the program will start at 6:00.

Sue Todey who was the Title IX Coordinator for the Green Bay Area Public Schools will present a program on the history of Title IX in the Green Bay School System. She has recently attended training on implementing Title IX for transgender students and will also discuss these changes. Todey is retired and presently serves as a Door County school board member.

Read more about Title IX


I am certain that members who attended Access to Justice at UWGB and Michael Kraft's presentation of Politics, Government, and Civility at our League's fall dinner in October were impressed with the presentations. Special thanks to Julie Lindley for contacting Professor Kraft and making the arrangements. In addition, the first new citizen Naturalization Ceremony in seven years was held in Green Bay! Read more about the Naturalization event below. Finally, w atch this newsletter and the LWVWI Forward to read an update about the October 28 LWVWI Issues Briefing in Madsion.

November will be no less busy than last month. At 3:00 PM on the 9th LWV Lake Michigan Region is having their annual meeting at the Hyatt Regency in Green Bay followed by a social and dinner at which Lynn Utesch will be speaking about CAFO's and how they affect our local waters and Lake Michigan. Plan to join us. Later on November 20, Sue Todey will update the League, AAUW, and the YWCA about Title IX history as well as what's new. Read more about both events in the following articles. Shortly after Thanksgiving plan to join us for our Holiday potluck and social. Plan on having a wonderful time. Surprise!

Thank you to everyone for your work throughout the year! Julie Arneth LWVGGB President


Every state and local League that is a member in good standing of LWVLMR is entitled to one voting delegate to our 2017 Annual Meeting. 3:00 PM, Thursday, November 9 Grand Hyatt Green Bay, 333 Main Street, Green Bay, WI

The business meeting will be followed by a reception at 5:00 PM and dinner at 6:00 that evening. All League members and guests are invited!

Lynn Utesch of Midwest Environmental Advocates will speak about Confined Animal Feeding Operations (CAFO's) impact on Lake Michigan.

The cost of the dinner is $32 (Attending the annual meeting is free). Register for either or both on our website. The public is welcome.

The LWV Lake Michigan Region is an Inter-League Organization made up of 50 local Leagues and the state Leagues of Wisconsin, Michigan, Indiana and Illinois. With member Leagues in the watersheds of 4 of the Great Lakes, we advocate on national policies impacting the Great Lakes at the federal level and seek to assist state and local League advocacy on these matters.


On Wednesday, October 18, the Brown County Board supported the resolution in support of Fair Voting Maps with 21 in favor, 3 against, 2 abstentions!

There were several speakers from different points of view during the public comment period. Renee Gasch from Citizen Action spoke about how she became interested in politics this past year. Dan Theno, a former mayor and Republican state legislator spoke about how these gerrymandered districts squelch real debate, and Anneliese Waggoner from our Greater Green Bay League spoke about how the League has long supported fair elections.There was some lively discussion by the County Board. One member thought they should wait until the decision from the Supreme Court is decided.

Please thank Eric Hoyer who introduced the resolution, Staush Grusznski and Tom Sieber for their support, and kudos to Kathy Lefebvre who spoke up in defense of the League when disparaging remarks about us were made by one councilman.


Our League was excited about participating in a voter registration event on October 27 at the Brown County Courthouse, after a ceremony at which 35 people from 20 countries became new U.S. citizens. The League was invited to be present to help the newly eligible voters to register. Naturalization ceremonies have been rare events in Green Bay because they are usually held in Milwaukee, forcing citizenship applicants from northeast Wisconsin, and their families, to travel to Milwaukee. The last such event in Green Bay was seven years ago. Our League has long advocated for more accessible services to be provided in Green Bay, not only for the oath-taking ceremony, but also for the interviewing, test-taking, and biometrics, all of which require separate days of travel to Milwaukee.We hope that the October 27 event in Green Bay is a sign that the lengthy process of becoming a U.S. citizen may become a bit easier in the future for northeast Wisconsin residents.

The day before the event, our volunteers were trained at the library on the new online voter registration system. This was facilitated by Milwaukee League member Mary Jo McDonald, who came up to Green Bay with laptops, a scanner, and a wi-fi hotspot and was here for both Thursday and Friday. We owe her our thanks, and we also must thank C.J. Peters and Lori Hochchild of Voting Advocates of Brown County, and Helen Schwartz, who lined up additional non-League volunteers.

Additional photos from the event are on our Facebook page, Kathy Lockard, Immigration Committee Liaison


At the Brown County Library, on September 26, the Education Committee of the LWVGGB featured a presentation by Green Bay District Superintendant Michelle Langefeld , NWTC President Jeff Rafn, and UWGB Chancellor Gary Miller followed by a panel discussion about Turbocharge.

The speakers explained that Turbocharge is a program with the goal that every Green Bay High School graduate will have 15 transferable credits of continuing education. This program was instituted with the cooperation of NWTC, UWGB, the Green Bay Public Schools and local businesses. The Turbocharge idea aims to instill the belief that "If you do college in high school then you know that you can do college beyond high school." Each of the presenters was passionate about this first of its kind program in the state.

A varied audience was in attendance and good questions were answered. Turbocharge is a excellent example of an innovative, intertwined program that our public schools are offering for the education of our young people in an ever changing world.

Jean Dahlstrom, Education Committee


The LWVGGB welcomes new members Babara Paterick, Charlotte Goska, and Carol Jean DeGroot. Barbara <> also belongs to the Jacksonville, FL League, and now that she in in the north, Barbara is especially interested in connecting with our Fair Maps Committee. Charlotte, <> has rejoined our League, although in a sense she never left. Charlotte has been working closely with COVO on Voter ID and registering citizens in our community. You may have met Carol Jean <> at Professor Kraft's presentation. We have enjoyed Carol Jean's company at many of our League programs, and we are delighted that she has joined us.


Help steer the direction of the LWVGGB and grow its impact in our community by signing up for the Membership, the Events Planning, or the Fundraising Committee. These are crucial committees that help our organization and impact grow. Community leaders have asked us to sponsor numerous events for the next six months, including an environmental film festival, a Local Women Trailblazers program, running for local office training, and forums on poverty. We hope to meet these committees before December 2017. Please email today to help.

Colleen Gruszynski, Board Member


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