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July 2017 Newsletter

July Newsletter

July 2017 LWVGGB Newsletterer


July 5 4:40 PM Fair Voter Maps Committee Meets 205 W Mission Road, Allouez

July 8 9 AM - Noon LWVGGB Strategic Planning BC Library Rooms 1&2

July 10 5:00 PM LWVGGB Calendar Planning - Village Grill in Allouez

July 10 6:30 PM Migration Advocacy Meets Ken De Groot Hall- St. Willy's

July 11 9:30 AM Health Care Committee Meets 825 East River Dr #31, De Pere

July 20 6:00 PM Online Voter Registration Training at BC Library

July 26 4:00 PM Education Committee Meets BC Central Library Board Room

August 9 3-8 PM

Fair Voting Maps tent Farmers' Market on Broadway September 26 7:00 PM

TURBOCHARGE: An Education Program Save the date!



We give our sincere thanks to our outgoing treasurer Clayton Smits for his may years of service on the LWVGGB Board, and we welcome our new treasurer, Kathy Riley. Stepping into Kathy's past secretarial position are co-secretaries Jean Dahlstrom and Es Huiting. And, I have accepted another term as president. Re-elected board members are Barbara Brown, Patricia Finder-Stone, and Beth Hudak. Continuing officers and board members are Nancy Beaudy, vice president, Linda Bartlett, Colleen Gruszynski, and Kathy Lockard. Newly appointed one-year board members are Barbara Dereene, Julie Lindley and Karen Schley. Special thanks to our Nominating Committee Jean Dahlstrom, Sandy Burrows and Carol De Groot for their time, work, and effort.

The LWVGGB board will hold a strategic planning session on July 8 in the lower level of the Brown County Library, Rooms 1 and 2. And on July 10 is our Calendar our Calendar Planning Meeting at 5:00 PM at the Village Grill. Members are always welcome to attend any board meeting. If you would like to address the board please contact the president at

We had a great turn out for our League picnic at Voyager Park. The dark clouds passed over, the sun came out, and we had a wonderful time socializing and dining on delicious dishes prepared by our members. Our meeting was a brief update on the LWVWI Annual meeting at the Hyatt Regency & Conference Center. For additional information about the LWVWI Annual Meeting click on the following link. LWVWI Annual Meeting Information

Thanks to the many members who volunteered their time to help with the LWVWI Annual Meeting logistics! Enjoy a bright, noisy, and safe 4th of July

Julie Arneth, LWVGGB President


In our effort to influence a needed change to the redistricting process and to end gerrymandering, the newly coined Fair Maps Wisconsin Committee, formerly known as the Redistricting Committee, will have an informational booth at the Broadway Farmer's Market on Wednesday, August 9.

Would you be interested in helping that day to hand out buttons and postcards, talk to people about changing the redistricting process and having every person's vote count equally? Don't worry. We will provide you with information sheets and committee members will help you with questions. We will setup at 1:30. Our tent will be in front of Beerntsen Candy. We need at least two people on each shift.

us state of wisconsin with stars stripes banner Here are the details again-- Fair Voting Maps Booth Why: We want to spread information about having fair voting maps which would insure that every person's vote counts. We are telling the public about the current process of gerrymandering and how to support changes in the law that would insure that redistricting is a fair impartial process. Where: Farmer's Market On Broadway in front of Beerntsen Candies When: Wednesday, August 9 Two hour shifts from 2:30 until 8:30 1:30 PM Set up tents, tables and materials. 2:00 to 4:00 PM First shift 4:00 to 6:00 PM Second shift 6:00 to 8:00 PM Third shift and Take Down What we will do: Hand out information sheets, postcards, and buttons to promote community awareness of this issue. Talk and smile. It's a nonpartisan issue, of course. Who: All League members. This is a great opportunity for newer members to get involved. You will have fun as well as meet other league members and learn a lot. To volunteer: Contact Barbara Brown at or 920-336-6098. Please contact any member of the committee or me soon so we can fill our booth with great Leaguers. Better yet, join the Fair Maps Wisconsin Committee. It's a wonderful way to be involved. Support our democracy which depends on fair voting!

Barbara Brown, LWVGGB Board


Please join us for Calendar Planning at the Village Grill in Allouez at 5:00 PM on Monday, July 10. If you plan to eat, you will be able to order off of the menu. This is a great time to let your voice be heard as we create a tentative calendar for 2017-2018. If you are unable to attend this meeting, email your suggestions to


The LWVGGB is participating in an exciting project that will educate people and help them become more effective stewards in Wisconsin's Lake Michigan watersheds. LWV Lake Michigan Region (LWVLMR) is using their financial support to team up with LWVWI and LWVGGB to: 1) update watershed fact sheets that were initially developed by the EPA. 2) disseminate the fact sheets and conduct activities to educate citizens living in the watersheds.

LWVLMR has recruited experts to assist our League with updating the fact sheets. LWVGGB will also help in the public education phase. Our local league may hold public forums in the fall of 2017. Other possible activities would be creating a poster or exhibit that could be displayed at our meetings or in the public library, etc.

The LWVWI and LWVLMR held a Webinar explaining the Watershed Project on June 19. This webinar is available for viewing on the LWVWI website. If you are interested in Natural Resources, the Lower Fox River, and Lake Michigan sign up to help with this project which you will be hearing more about in future newsletters. Email <> or <> for more information.


The Voting Advocates of Brown CountY (VABC) will hold a training session for online voter registration (OVR) on Thursday, July 20, at 6:00 p.m. at the Brovoting_people.jpgwn County Central Library, Think Tank C on the second floor.

VABC is using materials developed by the League of Women Voters of Wisconsin to provide clearer information than had been developed by the Wisconsin Elections Commission (WEC). With enough volunteers trained in online voter education we hope to provide registration assistance to the area high schools this fall as well as have a presence at public events.

If you are concerned about the suppression of voter participation, please, attend this training session. Confirm your spot at or call 920-660-5674.

Lori Hochschild. Friend of the League


The Coalition of Voting Organizations (COVO) is an umbrella group of non-partisan, voting-related organizations in Brown County that educates, motivates, assists in voter registration, and encourages active participation in the voting process. LWVGGB is one of the member groups as well as sixteen others such as ADRC, Brown County Public Library, Oneida Nation and all three colleges.

Although the next election isn't until February 2018, volunteers are needed now for projects such as: assisting students at high schools and colleges with Online Voter Registration and photo ID helping with two big projects: Voter Information Display for colleges, Mock Voting Experience for minorities and other groups using promotional skills to get the word out Please contact Sally Sieber, Co-leader, at 920.869.3430 or

Sally Sieber, LWVGGB Member


The Education Committee has scheduled a meeting to discuss a new and creative educational effort called Turbocharge for Tuesday evening, September 26 at 7:00 PM. This informational program will be presented for both our League members and our community in the Brown County Central Library auditorium.

Turbocharge is a partnership between the Green Bay Public Schools, the Northeast Wisconsin Technical College, and the University of Wisconsin-Green Bay, to prepare K12 students for higher education and career opportunities. Included will be details regarding expanded opportunities for earning college credits while in high school. The presenters for the evening will be Dr. Jeff Rafn, NWTC President, Dr. Michelle Langenfeld, Superintendent of the Green Bay Area Public Schools, and a representative from UWGB.

Judy Crain, Education Committee Chair


Patricia Finder-Stone attended the movie Tapped at our local library, and she noted that much of the content in the following CNN Special Report Plastic Island addresses the movie's content.

On the beach lies a motorcycle helmet, a mannequin's head, an umbrella handle and a flip-flop. They didn't fall from a plane or off a ship, and there aren't any civilians living here who could have left them behind. They were washed onto Midway Atoll with the tide, most likely part of an enormous plastic garbage patch spinning in the middle of the Pacific Ocean. Some of the coffee cup lids, water bottles and bags you discarded are probably in there. Some 8 million tons of plastic trash leak into the ocean annually, and it's getting worse every year. Some of it kills the birds on the atoll. Some sinks deep into the ocean and can end up in plankton. Some, including the likely carcinogen styrene, gets back to us through the food chain. "These are the classic 'canary in the coal mine' scenarios," said Matthew Brown with the National Oceanographic and Atmospheric Administration.


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