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January 2018 Newsletter

January Newsletter

January 2018 LWVGGB Newsletter


January 8 5:00 PM LWVGGB Board Meets City Building Room 210

January 8 6:30 PM Migration Advocacy Meets Ken DeGroot Hall - St. Willy's

January 9 9:30 AM Health Care Committee meets 825 East River Dr. #31 - DePere

January 16 4:30 Fair Voting Maps committee meets. 121 Green Ave. Allouez January 20 10:30 AM

Lively Issues. BC Central Library Rooms A & B, Lower Level January 22 2:00 PM

Environment Committee Meets BC Library, Think Tank C January 25 4:00 PM

Education Committee meets 102 Olde Allouez Ct. February 28 5:30 PM

Celebrate League's 99th Birthday Village Grille Allouez

10:30 AM, JANUARY 20th LIVELY ISSUES Potluck Brunch & Animated Discussion

Lively Issues will be held on January 20 at the Brown County Central Library, Rooms A &B on the lower level. Bring your favorite dish to pass along with your creative ideas and vision for future League programs.

Lively Issue is the time each year when League members come together to evaluate our program for 2018-2019 and decide what important items we should study, support, and monitor in the coming year. We will also have a chance to decide what route the LWVWI should take with their study/program items and which program items being brought to LWVUS 2018 National Convention in Chicago should be supported.


It is important that you support LWVGGB's proposal for Early Voting Hours in Green Bay. See the article in this issue for details and contact information for the City of Green Bay's Personnel Committee.

You can now find LWVWI Issues Briefing materials and brief session summaries (which will also be in the December issue of Forward) on the LWVWI website here:

The 2018 Proposed LWVGGB Bylaw changes in the LWVGGB December newsletter will be presented at the 2018 LWVGGB Annual Meeting for discussion and action. FYI: Both the proposed changes and the present bylaws can be found on our Website. To read both, click LWVGGB at the top of this page.

Looking forward to seeing you at Issues Briefing on January 20 and the League's Birthday party February 28.

Enjoy a spectacular 2018, Julie Arneth


At 5:30 PM on Wednesday, February 28 join League members. friends and family at the Village Grill, 801 Hoffman Road in Allouez to celebrate the League's 99th birthday. Judy Crain will introduce you to a special guest, Ruth Clusen. If you have never met Ruth, a dynamic local, state and national League leader, Judy will give you a most memorable glimpse into her interesting history.

Circle February 28 on your calendar and plan to celebrate. Food and drinks can be ordered off of the menu.


The next meeting of the Education Committee will take place at 4 p.m.on Thursday, January 25 at the residence of Judy Crain, 102 Olde Allouez Court (earlier scheduled for Jan. 18), Brenda Warren, President of the Green Bay Board of Education will be our guest to talk about the effect of vouchers, open enrollment, and other factors on the student population of the Green Bay Area School District and other public school districts in the Brown County area.

Judy Crain, Education Committee Chair


VABC stand for VOTING ADVOCATES OF BROWN COUNTY. Formerly they were Special Registration Deputies but due to changes in state law they have morphed into the highly respected Voting Advocates of Brown County. They are an independent, non-partisan group of community volunteers interested in promoting registration and voting among all eligible citizens and are supported by our LWVGGB.

One exciting project is voter registration at the high schools. Green Bay has a spring and fall voter registration lined up for their students at each of the high school sites. Other area Brown County high schools, NWTC, UWGB and St. Norbert are being scheduled as well.

The group will not only continue to assist our community in getting registered but also will provide information on acquiring acceptable voter ID.

If you wish to be trained or volunteer to register people, call or email our two League members who work directly with VABC: Lorelei Hochschild VABC Co-chair,, 920-666-05674 or Kathy Leadley, 920-265-3542

Kathy Leadley, LWVGGB Member & VABC Liaison


Many everyday items placed in your shopping cart are especially difficult to decompose. Think ahead when you buy! Most items below can be recycled with the exception of Styrofoam, sanitary napkins and diapers.

Certified compostable products will break down within a 180-Day period.

Plastic bottles: 450 years (avoid buying; use a washable glass or heavy plastic bottle; recycle responsibly) Glass bottles: 1 million years (recycle responsibly) Ink Cartridges: 450-1,000 years (leaks chemicals; recycle at office stores) Plastic bags: 1,000 years (don't use in the first place; recycle at food stores; reuse) Disposable diapers: 500years; (try to use cloth diapers when possible) Electronic waste: (releases cadmium, arsenic, and lead; recycle at stores that sell it, like Best Buy or Brown County Hazardous Material Facility; there is a cost to recycle, especially for TV screens) CFL light bulbs: (Compact fluorescent bulbs; can leak mercury; can be recycled at home building stores) Ziplock Bags: 1,000 years: (can be recycled with plastic bags) Styrofoam #6: NEVER DECOMPOSES;(never use; floats and accumulates in water ways or oceans; take your own container box to the restaurant; the best invention and the worst invention ever) Avoid buying some of these items. If you must buy them, recycle or dispose of responsibly. Nancy Wakefield, Environment Committee Member


LWVGGB welcomes Loreliei Hochschild and Bob Webb. Lori assisted with new citizen voter registration after Green Bay's Naturalization Ceremony. She has worked and continues to work diligently with VABC and COVO registering voters in our community and high schools. You can contact both Lori and Bob at <>


Thank you to the members who participated in the LWVGGB Survey. This is the first time we used a survey to help our board determine your interests and learn how LWVGGB can better serve you. Some of the findings are:

Although many members have been in the League for ten or more years, a majority of members have been in the League between one and five years. A majority of League members are retired.

League members are active and have attended three or more events in the past year. Most members answering our survey would prefer to meet on weekday afternoons or weekday evenings.

Respondents indicated great interest in league tasks, our five standing committees and administrative committees. A suggestion was made to start student committees/Leagues at NWTC and UWGB.

Respondents indicated that the League should offer more activities for younger people, offer programs for people interested in running for office, and make more attempts for social engagement. The majority of respondents are satisfied with current league activities.

As well as communicating with one another in our present monthly LWVGGB Newsletter and Facebook format, several people noted that they would like to be texted.

Thanks to all who participated, Julie Lindley and Barbara Derenne. Board Members

JANUARY 20th LIVELY ISSUES 10:30 AM Potluck Brunch and Animated Discussion

Lively Issue is the time each year when League members come together to evaluate our program for 2018-2019 and decide what items we should study, support, and monitor in the coming year. This year Lively Issues will be held on January 20 at the Brown County Central Library, Rooms A &B on the lower level. We will also have a chance to decide what route the LWVWI should take with their study/program items and which program items being brought to LWVUS National Convention in Chicago should be supported.


Last week Anneliese Waggoner checked on the status of Supervisor Linssen's request to have the County Board consider a process using mainly technology for drawing district lines after the next census. Our Fair Maps Committee was ready to appear and make a comment in the time allowed; however, we had a snowstorm and did not brave the weather. It might have been better had we been there. Anyway, Linssen's request failed, but Supervisor Mark Becker moved that the Executive Committee consider this issue and this was successful.Thanks to Staush Gruzynski for filling us in!

What we have to do now is to contact members of the Executive Committee to express our support for developing an orderly redistricting process including citizen participation. It would seem we need to do this in fairly short order right after the January 1. Members of the Executive Committee are: Supervisors Lund, Moynihan, Hoyer, Erickson, Van Dyck,Buckley and Schadewald. if any of these are your supervisor, it would be more meaningful for you to be in touch with that person. Contact information for the board,can be found here:

Thank you so much for all the work you have put into this issue this past year. Interest in this important issue will only increase in 2018. We are not done!

Anneliese Waggoner, Chair


LWVGGB believes that voting should be as convenient and accessible as possible for all citizens. Therefore our League is asking the City of Green Bay Personnel Committee to consider a LWVGGB proposal to expand early voting hours for the August and November 2018 elections.

Expanding early voting hours has had a positive response on social media and has received bipartisan support. Yet, it still needs you! Call your alderperson today and attend the hearing when it is rescheduled. Watch your email and the LWVGGB Website for the new hearing date, time and place.

After you contact your alderperson, get in touch with a Personnel Committee member. They are listed below with their contact information.

Tom DeWane 920-465-7803

Mark Steuer 920-494-4494

Tom Sladek 920-499-7701

Joe Moore 920-445-0145

Colleen Gruszynski, LWVGGB Board Member


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