Making Democracy Work

LWVGGB Program

LWVGGB 2015-2016 Program

League of Women Voters of Greater Green Bay 2014-2015 Program

Recommended Program: (League of Women Voters of Greater Green Bay (LWVGGB) Recommended Program consists of items which our League plans to study.)

  • Continue to study the ongoing changes in health care and recommend appropriate action to the membership.
  • Continue to identify and advocate for issues related to immigration and naturalization.
  • Continue to support a strong public education system.
  • Continue to study, identify and advocate issues related to the environment including transportation.

Recommended Action Priority Items: (LWVGGB Action Priority Items are based on existing League of Women Voters United States (LWVUS), League of Women Voters Wisconsin (LWVWI), or LWVGGB positions.)

  • Educate the membership and community about redistricting and advocate League's position on redistricting.
  • Encourage people to seek election or appointment to public office in order to have a representative government.
  • Promote voter interest, education, registration, and turnout.
  • Promote accessible, affordable, and preventive health care.
  • Commit to Observer Corps members attending Brown County Board meetings.
  • Promote accessible public transportation.
  • Monitor: Programs and services related to the needs of the educationally, socially,and economically disadvantaged; Policies and procedures relating to naturalization; Human trafficking; Community efforts as related to the LWVGGB Adolescent Pregnancy position

Note: Our league will continue to be actively involved in additional projects. We will continue our work with candidate forums, public education, grassroots advocacy, lobbying, etc.