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March 2017 Newsletter

March Newsletter

March 2017 LWVGGB Newsletterer


March 4 National History Day-UWGB Check it out!

March 9 6:00 to 8 PM Celebrate Women History Month Trailblazers-Local Women who made history at BC Library

March 13 5:00 PM LWVGGB Board Meets City Building Room 310

March 13 6:30 PM Migration Advocacy Meets Ken De Groot Hall-St. Willy's

March 21 9:30 AM Health Care Committee Meets 825 East River Drive, De Pere

March 21 4:00 PM Education Committee Meets BC Central Library Board Room

March 22 4:30 PM Redistricting Committee Meets 401 Arrowhead Dr., Green Bay

March 27 2:30 PM Natural Resources Committee 1731 East Shore Circle, GB

March 28 6:30-8:00 PM LWVGGB Green Bay Public School Board Candidate Forum in BC Library Auditorium

April 4 7 AM-8 PM Spring Nonpartisan Election Local polls. April 22

Earth Week events! TBA


Celebrate Women's History Month by learning about local women who made history. The LWVGGB is hosting Local Women Trailblazers on Thursday, March 9 from 6-8 PM at the Brown County Central Library Auditorium. Hear from some of the first female, local-elected officials in our area. Panelists include the following:

CHAIRWOMAN CRISTINA DANFORTH Cristina served 17 years on the Oneida Business Committee governing council of the Oneida Nation. She currently is serving as the Chairwoman and she is also the newly elected President of the Native American Finance Officers Association (NAFOA) based in Washington D.C. She is the recipient of 1999 Am Vets Leadership Award, 2009 Lifetime Achievement for Financial Leadership from NAFOA and the 2010 Lifetime Achievement Award from Women Empowering Women in Indian Nations.

CELESTINE JEFFREYS Celestine served as the first woman of color on the Green Bay Common Council from 2006-2010, and on the Green Bay School Board from 2010-2016. She currently is serving as the Chief of Staff for the Mayor of Green Bay.

JUDY CRAIN Judy was one of the first ever elected School Board members of the Green Bay Public Schools, serving from 1974-1981, and again from 1993-2002. She also served as a UW System Regent from 2005-2012.

JOAN MILLS Joan was the first woman to serve on the City of De Pere Common Council from 1972-1980. She also served for sixteen years from 1982-1998 as a county supervisor on the Brown County Board.

Colleen Gruszynski


The LWVGGB's candidate forum for the Green Bay Area Public School Board Election will be held 6:30 - 8:00 PM, Tuesday, March 28, in the Brown County Central Library's auditorium 515 Pine Street, downtown Green Bay. The three candidates running for the two seats on the board are Heidi Fagre, Laura Mc Coy, and incumbent Katie Maloney.

The forum is free and open to the public. Candidate forums are one of the best ways for voters to get acquainted with the candidates and for the candidates to hear the community's most pressing concerns.

Please contact Anneliese Waggoner 920-360-1569 <> if you can assist with the forum. 5 or more volunteers are needed.

Anneliese Waggoner, Voter Service Chair


Participating in the LWV Observer Corps benefits both the LWVGGB member who is discovering what is happening at the local government meetings as well as the elected officials who know that their procedures are being watched.

LWVGGB observers have attend the Brown County Board of Supervisors meetings in the past, and this year we have added observers to the Green Bay City Common Council. The Brown County Board of Supervisors meets 7:00 PM at City Hall, on the third Wednesday. The board chair is Patrick Moynihan, There are 26 members and six standing committees. The Green Bay Common Council typically meets 7:00 PM on the first Tuesday in Room 203, City Hall.

You will fill out a simple report so we have a record of attendance and any information that you may want to share. What we are looking for is discussion of issues relevant to our local and state LWV positions. it is an important time to be involved because the league is working hard to push both the city and the county to address non partisan redistricting.

Look on the website to see a list of meetings and the months that we still need observers. Observing is an easy way to both be involved and to learn. Could you spare one or two evenings this year to attend a county or city board meeting? If so, email Barb Brown at <> or call her at 920 336 6098. You will learn a lot and forward our mission.

Barbara Brown, Observer Corps Chair


LWVGGB welcomes two new members, Elizabeth Challe who applied for membership through the state League and Bonnie Vastag, a returning member and past-president. We hope you both join a League committee that interests you and that you plan to connect with our members at a future League event.


Thank you to the LWVWI Election Observers who volunteered their time and diligence on Election Day, November 9: Barbara Brown, Judy Charles, Karen Eckberg, Patricia Finder-Stone, Colleen Gruszynski, Es Huiting, Eileen Johnson, Joyce Mc Collum, Barbara Stenger, Richard Suslick. The state League will be contacting volunteers again for the April election. LWVWI will be doing poll observations on a smaller scale for this election.

Here's a link to th Election Observation summary:

And here's the link to the full Election Observation report:

A federal court panel ruled that voting districts for the Wisconsin legislature must be redrawn in time for the 2018 elections noting that the new districts must pass constitutional muster. Although the court did not specify how to redraw the districts, LWVWI urges the legislature to choose a method that will minimize undue partisanship. The LWVWI filed a brief in the case offering ways to accomplish just that. Click here for details.

Renters Right to Know about Lead in Their Homes: You may have received a WI League of Conservation Voters message stating that currently, landlords do not have to notify potential renters about lead in their drinking water. This leaves families with babies and children particularly vulnerable. Senator LaTonya Johnson and Representative Chris Taylor are circulating a bill that would require landlords to test their properties for lead and notify renters of any dangers. Tell your legislators to support renters' right to know about lead in their water.

Please make the following corrections in your membership list. Elisabeth Heller spells her first name with an S not a Z. Mary Jane and Ben Laird's email is <>



Candidates for the State Superintendent of Public Instruction will be on the April 4 ballot. The candidates are Tony Every (I) and Lowell Holtz.

Three candidates are running for the two seats on the Green Bay Area Public School Board. They are Heidi Fagre, Laura Mc Coy, and incumbent Katie Maloney. You can meet these candidates at the LWVGGB forum 6:30 PM, March 28 at the BC Central Library auditorium.

In addition, a number of school districts have referendums on the ballot including the Green Bay Area Public Schools and the Howard-Suamico School District.

Be sure your family and friends are registered to vote! If you have not voted in four years, have moved, or have changed your name you must register to vote. To find exactly what is on your April 4 ballot and other voting information go to


The Milwaukee Journal Sentinel recently reported on chemical plants that discharges toxic chemicals affecting our Lake Michigan. You can help spur the state to tackle this corporate polluter by calling or emailing the state leaders listed below and asking them to immediately close the facilities and investigate the potential threats to community safety: Marge Palleon, LWVLMR - WI


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